Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Recently a client called me, and in our conversation asked about the story behind our get aways or holiday times…the answer was easy. In real estate, the average realtor is in the business for five years and quits...tired and burnt out.

What keeps us healthy? One way is to do a get away, then get back to work refreshed, alive and totally willing to serve our clients with a World Class Real Estate Experience.
Over Christmas, Marlene, Jared and I joined John and Linda Driediger and their team to go to Coban, Guatemala for 10 days, showing the Ketchi people (a Mayan Indian decent with a population of over a million people) The Jesus Film.

It was an unreal experience to be involved with up to 650 people per showing standing in the rain with us for 2 hours in 10 degree weather. There was laughter and tears as they were able to watch their very first movie in their own language.

On our last day in Guatemala, we climbed Mt. Pacaya, which is an active volcano that had just erupted two days earlier and its crater was full of hot steaming lava! After about 2 1/2 hours of climbing, we made it to the crater. The air was thin, steam was everywhere, 80 kph winds were blowing, and it was so cold!

What we saw was incredible...every 4-5 minutes Mt. Pacaya would spew out a couple of wheel barrows of lava about 20-30 feet into the air. If this was in Canada or the U.S., then there would be armed guards keeping you away, but for $5, we hired a guide and had the thrill of a lifetime!

Our film team - traveling on the back of a 4 x 4
After a 2.5 hr treck on a mountainous bumpy trail..we made it to our destination.
the kids were so friendly...and were eager to watch the "Jesus film"Some cool sights...chickens in a the market...(very fresh meat!)Mt Pakaya was a sight to behold. An active volcanoe we climbed and got a birds eye view of the creater. Every 10 - 15 min. it would blast out a bunch of molten lava and steam within its crater . Awesome~~~ Walking the pigs to market... I said the meat is fresh!!
Jared was helping me with the projector...setting it up and changing reals.
We would also tell our personal stories... The kids really gravitated towards him.
Mixing it ups with the kid in a dirt lot...where later we would show the Jesus film.
Our team waiting to get picked go to our next film site... In Guatemala...time is not of the essence...and I was being taught patience.